ACQ Coming Home Recording Session

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The Appalachian Christmas Quartet recorded their third CD, Coming Home, in June and July of 2004.
Here are some selected pictures from the recording sessions at the Carport Studio in Nashville,
and a few from Jack A. Lope's vacation afterwards.

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acq3session1.jpg acq3session2.jpg acq3session3.jpg
David and Michael taking a break and getting in a quick laugh. Michael standing at attention for the morning's sing of the "National Anthem." Russ Long is hard at work mixing the sing-along background music with which Michael is singing. OF COURSE, a guitar, water jug, popcorn tin, boomwhackers and duct tape - the Appalachian Christmas Quartet must be ready to record.
acq3session4.jpg acq3session5.jpg acq3session6.jpg
Why have we done this to ourselves again? Jason Scheufler (friend of the band and a guest musician on this recording) checking his notes for the classical guitar melody for "Do You Hear What I Hear." The Carport Studio mixing room, fully equipped with all the toys and gadgets needed to record an album---including the all important "Etch A Sketch" (left).
acq3session7.jpg acq3session8.jpg acq3session9.jpg
David warming up and "dressed for success." This is the percussion set up that was used to record "Angels We Have Heard on High." Russ Long has engineered and mixed all three of the Appalachian Christmas Quartet recordings. Michael and Russ have worked as producer/engineer partners for 7 other full albums for various artists in the Nashville, TN.
acq3session10.jpg acq3session11.jpg acq3session12.jpg
Jeanne Anne - anxious to get started. David - waiting to get started. David - tired of waiting.
acq3session15.jpg acq3session16.jpg acq3session17.jpg
Rob - "striking a pose" Where do I put my fingers again? From left to right: Michael Aukofer, Jeanne Anne Aukofer, Russ Long (engineer), Rob Loren, David Dibbern
acq3session18.jpg acq3session19.jpg acq_cominghome15.jpg
same group except with Rob Farmer in the middle I wonder what we should do next? After the recording session, Jack A. Lope decided to take a much needed vacation...
acq_cominghome17.jpg acq_cominghome3.jpg acq_cominghome4.jpg
acq_cominghome2.jpg acq_cominghome13.jpg
Are those whales out there? Could someone get this idiot off my back!!??
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