Appalachian Christmas Concert 2001
Ascension Lutheran Church
Wichita KS
December 10, 2001

pictures by Danl Blackwood
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click here for pics from the El Dorado concert on 12/16/2001

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  BELL CAROL - This arrangement has David Dibbern (right) playing the lap dulcimer with a cello bow as well as playing the hammered dulcimer. Michael Aukofer (left) starts off on the cavicino (a very small Brazilian guitar) and then joins Brad Layher on the marimba, they are both trying hard to not run into each other. This arrangement has been in the band since it started 5 years ago!  

Of course what would an ACQ concert be without "Jack A. Lope," the official mascot/director?! Here joined by Jack, Jr.


  WHAT CHILD IS THIS / O COME, O COME EMMANUEL - features Brad on the guitar. The setting of these 2 Christmas tunes together works well. Brad and Michael (playing accordion) pass off the melody through "What Child..." as David keeps the bass. Then they transition to "O Come, O Come Emanuel" with Brad's 'classical' style guitar playing. The whole thing ends with a rockin' marimba solo.  
  GO TELL IT ON THE MOUNTAIN - Some call it "ho-down," others a "hee-haw," but whatever you call it, the guys do a great 'Appalachian' style version of "Go Tell It on the Mountain". As in the years past, the guys don't mind a little company on stage, Rob Farmer (left pic) on the drum kit (who later become an official member) and webmaster Danl Blackwood (right pic, center) on the acoustic guitar.  
  BE THOU MY VISION - This arrangement was completed when they were recording their first album. From what I understand, there was a day off and they devoted it to finishing this arrangement. A description that I've heard the band use for this arrangement is: "Be Thou My Vision" injected with Guinness. That seems to be an appropriate description of this 'Chieftain' style arrangement featuring David on the guitar, and returning ex-officio quartet members Jeanne Anne Schroeder on the piccolo, and Rob Farmer on the bodhran, as well as everyone on stage singing. OH THE DEEP, DEEP LOVE OF JESUS - For only playing together one month out of the year, this group has really matured! This arrangement is a full out jam. David and Brad on guitar, Rob on bodhran, Jeanne Anne on flute and Michael on hammered dulcimer. This new arrangement by Michael will be recorded on their next album, due out November 2002.  
  HOLY, HOLY, HOLY - features Brad and Michael playing a beautiful hammered dulcimer duet.

COME LET US SING NOEL - This is a new arrangement from David, featuring Jeanne Anne on alto recorder and Michael playing marimba and drums at the same time. This new arrangement will also be recorded for the album. It's looking like the music scheduled to be recorded for the next album is first class, it should be an amazing album. 4TH STATION OF THE CROSS - Every performance this year, the band is taking one request. There is a request basket that you put your requests in and half way through the performance they play the most requested song. The most requested this night was Michael's original composition titled the "4th Station of the Cross". Michael briefly explained before the piece that this music was inspired by meditation on the 4th Station of the Cross.  
  JOY TO THE WORLD - It is great what these guys can do with unusual instruments. Soup cans, washboard, spoons, tin can and a lot of slapin' and clapin'.   LET ALL MORTAL FLESH KEEP SILENT - This is a new arrangement from Michael, featuring Jeanne Anne on flute and recorder. Michael is surely improving as a composer/arranger. This new arrangement is unbelievably beautiful.   GLORIA - Is a new composition from Michael featuring Brad and Michael playing one of their new instruments made for them by Jim Steck, and aerospace engineer at Wichita State University. They were named chime lyres, similar the bell lyres that were used in marching bands years ago.  
  BOOMWACKERS - these instruments were made for elementary music education, making them a perfect candidate for the Appalachian Christmas Quartet. The guys have a lot of fun with these and the kids love it!  
  REAL BIG BOOMWACKERS - It was finally time to unveil the brand new instruments. There were many suggestions as to what to call them, and when Ascension member Don Hansen suggested "PVCiano," it stuck.  
  Here's the guys putting them together before the concert.  

  After what has become a traditional hymn-sing-along finale, the members and guests of Ascension showed their appreciation.      
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Thanks to Brad and Michael for help writing the captions

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click here for pics from the El Dorado concert on 12/16/2001
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