The Appalachian Christmas Quartet 2005

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December 20, 2005
Aldersgate United Methodist Church
Wichita, KS

photos by Danl Blackwood
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Rob Loren workin' his licks on the banjo before the concert. Rob Farmer's 2005 drumset creation using Factory Metal cymbals, a few drums and a slew of water jugs. The 2005 set up for the ACQ's annual boomwhacker "fiesta."
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This is just a few of the 147 instruments that the quartet used this 2005 season. One of Jack and Pearl's "young ones." We learned from Michael this season that Jack and the community of Jack-a Lopes do not name their young until 10 years of age, so this young 4 year old still remains nameless. The kids were invited down front
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The 5 member quartet playing "Jingle Bells/Jolly Old St. Nick." "Come Let Us Sing Noel" - David Dibbern's passionate arrangement of this classic song. Jeanne Anne is playing the alto recorder.
pc200050.jpg pc200051.jpg pc200060.jpg
Rob Farmer "tearing it up" on the washboard There goes Michael head-banging with the harmonica again (Michael grew up playing heavy metal drumset.) One darn good time
pc200061.jpg pc200069.jpg pc200071.jpg
Was that a woopie cushion or did we all just hear what I thing we heard? OK we did hear what we thought we heard and now it becomes more serious to Michael because we all have to smell it now. This is Michael scolding someone We were fortunate all season long to have full audiences; Thank you Wichita, Derby, Hesston and the other nearby cities!!!
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Rob Loren on the fiddle and David Dibbern on the Double Bass Jeanne Anne singing "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas." This song was one of the highlights of the 2005 performances. David, Jeanne Anne and Michael workin' hard.
pc200125.jpg pc200127.jpg pc200129.jpg
Michael on the hammered dulcimer, and Rob Farmer and Jeanne Anne sharing marimba duty. Whatever their doing, it looks like fun. $1,000,000 Rob Loren has goin' on. Michael explaining the hammered dulcimer and the tiny snare drum above it during the Q and A.
pc200131.jpg pc200151.jpg pc200160.jpg
The band playing "Be Thou My Vision." Someone needs to let Michael know that he is not back in his heavy metal band, and that he is playing an acoustic instrument that is not even amplified. ACQ playing with toys again.
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The young people really get a kick out of all of the different instruments. Jeanne Anne playing a soprano melodica.
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Kazoo time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The band playing a new original arrangement by David Dibbern titled "Christmas Lullaby." (l to r) Michael Aukofer, Rob Loren, David Dibbern, Jeanne Anne Aukofer, and Rob Farmer The boomwhackers
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Carol sing-a-long at concert end Jack A. Lope (ACQ Conductor) Jack's wife Pearl
Jeanne Anne after the concert with her niece
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