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December 22, 2006
Central Christian Church
Wichita, KS
with special guest Mitch McVicker

photos by Danl Blackwood
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pc220006.jpg pc220020.jpg pc220021.jpg
Senior Pastor David Welsh introduces ACQ The Aukofer's playing the marimba The band is in high spirits this year!
pc220023.jpg pc220034.jpg pc220037.jpg
Michael explaining how much brain he has left Jingle Bells/Jolly Old St. Nick Rob Loren rockin' the mandolin
pc220044.jpg pc220048.jpg pc220050.jpg
Jeanne Anne on flute Michael on accordion Gatherin' 'round the camp fire
pc220054.jpg pc220062.jpg pc220073.jpg
Jack and Pearl (what a beautiful pair) No shortage of smiles Work it!
pc220079.jpg pc220085.jpg pc220091.jpg
Good times for all
pc220095.jpg pc220099.jpg pc220105.jpg
Rob F. and Jeanne Anne playing the hammered dulcimers
pc220116.jpg pc220121.jpg pc220126.jpg
Some of the little ones who got free "jack-a-lope" magnets The winner of the "instrument naming" Mitch McVicker
pc220137.jpg pc220145.jpg pc220151.jpg
pc220156.jpg pc220158.jpg pc220171.jpg
Mitch singing one of his pretty notes Appalachian Christmas Quartet and Mitch McVicker
pc220173.jpg pc220178.jpg pc220182.jpg
Rob Farmer Rob Loren Rob Farmer on dobro
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