Friends University Summer Percussion Camp 2004

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photos by Danl Blackwood
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The Friends University Summer Percussion Camp (FUSP) began 8 years ago by Michael Aukofer and the Friends University percussion teacher, at that time, Toni Libhart. The goal was to offer the Wichita area high school percussion students an opportunity to get a head start on their next year of school, this is why the camp is held a few weeks before their new school year begins (usually 2-3 weeks before school starts).
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The camp is a week-long and offers the students instruction and experience in both marching percussion and percussion ensemble settings. Each year the students are given a book of original marching percussion warm-ups and marching cadences. This marching percussion book is written specifically for the camp each year (which means Michael has written 8 different books!). The students also receive an FUSP t-shirt at the end of the camp and an opportunity to purchase a CD of the final nights performance.
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Friday night, the last night of the camp, the students perform a concert for family and friends to hear what they have been working on all week. This performance typically consists of 4-7 of the marching cadences and 4-8 percussion ensemble pieces that they have learned throughout the week. With only one week to learn all of this music, the students have plenty to be working on and practicing throughout the week.
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This year, 2004, the staff for the camp (center picture above, left to right) is Rob Farmer a Friends University graduate (assistant marching percussion instructor, assistant percussion ensemble director/clinician), Matt Maholland, who is currently the percussion instructor at Friends University (advanced percussion ensemble director/clinician), Michael Aukofer, a Friends University graduate (composer, marching percussion instructor, intermediate percussion ensemble director/clinician), Titus Fox (assistant instructor, staff), Alex Lofland (assistant instructor, staff).
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