Christians for Haiti

One God, One Vision: Christians for Haiti
A Benefit Concert for Haiti
Topeka Ramada Hotel Convention Center
February 6, 2010
Topeka Bible Church Praise Team - Jessie Matheis (left) Topeka Bible Church Praise Team - (l. to r.) John Bowes, Bryan Nelson, unknown. Jessie Matheis. Jessie (Livgren) Mattheis (l. to.r.) Joel Davidson, Chris Davidson, unknown
John Bowes Topeka Bible Church Praise Team Central Park Christian Church Praise Team Danl Blackwood
Sharon Kress (left) and Eric Stiner Sam Hopper (drums), Cory Zipperle (bass) Sam Hopper Steve Bowersox (guitar)
Danl Blackwood (left) and Cory Zipperle DSCN2172 (l. to r.) Jessie (Lvgren) Mattheis, Jake Livgren, Britta Livgren This was my last opportunity to sing with Jessie, Jake, and Britta, as Britta passed away suddenly the following October.
DSCN2178 DSCN2179 Abbey Mattheis, Jessie's daughter, is obviously excited during a sound check. :-) Britta and my oldest daughter Leia had known each other since infancy. Quoting from one of Leia's recent Facebook comments regarding Britta's passing, Britta was her "sweet song bird in heaven ♡♡♡ The world isn't as beautiful without her in it."
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