Jam For Justice 2011

Jam For Justice - featuring Ellie Smith
Feb 25, 2011 - The Celtic Fox
Topeka KS
pictures by Danl & Sharidy Blackwood
  • There were several groups playing and Sharidy and I didn't shoot all night, but had to get a pic of one of my favorite songwriter/restauranteurs! Greg Fox is awesome at both!
  • Dixie Lee (here with Sharidy) was the MC. She's awesome!
  • My sister Judy and her husband Mike Hudson, and my sister Cheryl's husband Mike Scott came out (Cheryl wasn't feeling well). Mike and Mike and I don't get to hang out much. and then there's the third Mike, Mike Fox hamming in the background.
  • Kenny Smith and Bridges performed as well as provided sound for the evening
  • Vicky Luttrell, event organizer, also sang a song she wrote with them.
  • Kenny asked to me sing "There Is One," one of my fav Bridges songs. I HATE singing without a guitar to hold.
  • then it was time for miss Ellie Smith.
  • AMAZING voice!
  • decent rhythm section :-)
  • DSCN8276
  • DSCN8277
  • Josiah Engstrom filled in on drums for our regular Sam Hopper who was playing with Jangalang - his OTHER band. :-)  Josiah ended up becoming the full time drummer.
  • this gig occurred before the name of the band officially became "Ellie Smith & The Commotion."
  • DSCN8293
  • DSCN8300
  • Very nice, Ellie!
  • DSCN8314