Jay and Ronda

Jay and Ronda Mowbray
30th Anniversary Party with the KC Aces
Three Points Bar, August 1, 2015
15th & Baltimore Ave, Kansas City, MO
pics by Danl Blackwood
Photo displayed in the lobby. Jay shares his memories of their life. Then it was Ronda's turn to share. Me, Cheryl and Jay
panorama of the view another shot later in the evening. Just a gorgeous view from the Three Points Bar (top of old Hanna Rubber Company building). Me, Cheryl, and Yo cool pic with the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts.
The old Hanna Rubber Company building, 15th & Baltimore, Downtown KCMO, home of Tafs Three Points Club. KC Aces take the stage. Jay and Ronda and the Moon. Jay and Ronda hit the dance floor.
It was so nice out there even a fire pit. The rising moon attracted a lot of photo opportunties. Cheryl and KC skyline Danl hanging out.
Ronda and Jeruschka getting their pic taken by Jeruschka's husband. KC Aces still rocking IMG 1848 edit The dancing starts to get serious.
so glad the weather was nice enough to hang out outside... Cheryl kickin up her heels... IMG 1909 edit wheelchair dancing is not easy  :-)
IMG 1938 edit Jay and I first met in the early 80s during the Scatband/Theodore's heyday. So glad we reconnected when I moved back to Topeka in 2006. Jay and Ronda are the coolest couple I know! Happy Anniversary!