KMHoF 2015

Kansas Music Hall of Fame 2015
Induction Ceremony and Concert
Induction of Dan Falley and Proto-Kaw
Liberty Hall, Lawrence KS
March 7, 2015
The Jam4Dan Trustees along several friends of Dan Falley gathered at Liberty Hall in Lawrence for Dan's posthumous induction into the Class of 2015 Kansas Music Hall of Fame. Here is BorderLine, or more accurately this evening, "The Dan Falley Tribute Band." (Brenda Miller, Marc Houser, Roy Houser, Dave Houser, Alan Lawton, Dan's daughter Jennifer Falley, Preston Miller, and Kim Houser.) Some of the others being inducted and also performing where Wayne Goins (guitar) and Dr Craig Treinen (sax). They along with Keith L. Mallory and Gordon Lewis demonstrate why I love jazz! 3-20150308 013451596 iOS 4-20150308 013456967 iOS
The Lonnie Ray Band — with Jimmy Wilson (sax), Lonnie Ray (guitar), and De Baird (bass). 6-20150308 020913238 iOS The Jam4Dan (Dan Falley Memorial Fund and Scholarship) Trustees along with Dan's daughter Jen Falley (clockwise from lower left - Danl Blackwood, J.D. Bloomar, Tom Krebs, Jennifer Falley, Joel Edison, and Joel's wife Mary. Winston Apple, including inductee Gary Winston Apple
8-20150308 030421261 iOS Winston Apple Kerry Livgren's band Proto-Kaw was also being inducted this evening. Here I get my standard reference pic so I know how much longer to grow the my mustache. :-) Kerry Livgren, who would later this evening be inducted into KMHoF for the FIFTH time) shares tips with Jen Falley on accepting. Jen and a couple of the Jam4Dan Trustees would accept Dan, and sadly we never got a pic of that acceptance. :-(
Proto-Kaw backstage just before receiving their induction - (l. to r.) Lynn Meredith, Jake Livgren, Dutch Dehnert (manager), Kerry Livgren, John Bolton, Mike Patrum and Dan Wright. present this evening but missing from this shot, Craig Kew. my neighbors from Wichita, The Benders Kerry accepting for Proto-Kaw, his 4th induction - 2005 with Kansas, 2012 with White Clover, 2013 as solo artist, and now 2015 for Proto-Kaw. Only more to go for the "Five Timers Club!" Jake Livgren (second from right) has had "Hall of Famer" on his business card for a long time. Tonight it becomes reality! :-)
Lynn Meredith thanking their great crew! Present on stage along with the band were long time band techs, Rob Gibson (behind Lynn) and David Henry (center). BorderLine, all long time friends and colleagues of Dan Falley, take the stage to honor his memory. ...alot of emotion behind this performance... wish you were here for this one, Danny... (l. to .r.) Alan Lawton, Kim Houser, Marc Houser, Dave Houser and Preston Miller. (Editor's Note: Sadly, Preston also passed away in October 2016.)