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Kansas, with special guest Kerry Livgren
Landon Arena, Kansas Expocenter
Friday Night, 8:00pm, 4 Aug 95
Part 1
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(This is the first of two posts to the Kansas Mailing List immediately after the concert, followed by a more comprehensive review later.)

Well the Topeka concert was awesome as you can expect. I'm dead tired, but I just have to tell you all about a couple things. (I'll be writing a full review later.)

Some of us met at the Livgren's before hand. Chris (Kerry's brother) & Roxanne Livgren were gracious enough to host a small get together. Those in attendance can sound off (I'll post more details later), but we all got a treat when Kerry Livgren and Robby Steinhardt made it by for a short visit. Then on to the concert. The front band was slightly above average for the type of music (almost metal), and Kansas came out and ROCKED! They sounded really good, and made me proud to be a Kansas fan. (Even if they still don't match the original Kansas, but then that was another band.) Pretty much the same set as previously posted, with one exception. They added "Hold On" right before "Dust" and Kerry in fact got to play on both. Unfortunately Robby (there all night) didn't get to play (REAL BUMMER!) Oh well. Anyway probably the highlight of the night. Was when Jake (Kerry's nephew) got handed the mike on Carry On Wayward Son and sang the whole chorus right before the first break. Jake and I were standing down front (except for the first couple songs back stage) with almost all POTSWers in attendance, and he just freaked after that. He was really surprised that Steve let him sing. However, wait til you hear Jake sing on Kerry's new album, which by the Kerry informed me of some very interesting developments. I really can't say more until the deal goes down, but it's REAL cool! The crowd wasn't huge, but sure sounded huge, and afterwards we all went to breakfast at the famous Topeka after hours place to eat, Po're Richards. Just got home, gotta sleep!

P.S. Gotta a ton of pictures, also a friend Mike Newman got some professional pics. Kerry O'Brien had his camera too, but we didn't hook up til breakfast. He said he got all the info as well (for the Chronicle). Remember, give me a couple days and I'll have a detailed write up.

Danl Blackwood

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