River of Life Concert
Wichita, KS - May 14, 2000
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Andrew Peterson and Gabe Scott prepare for their sound check. Andrew's son Asher "hangs out" with Light 99's Adrienne Adams. Andy hamming it up for the camera? No, can't be! Andy patiently waits his turn for sound check.
Gabe Scott checks his mic. After sound check, Andy's oldest son, Aedan, is waiting to play football. Both sons travel with mom and dad. Light 99's morning crew, Scott Thunder and Nancy Johnson, get things going with a few announcements. Andy, with his wife Jamie, open the River of Life concert.
Andy, Jamie, and Gabe returned to the Wichita area after performing in Augusta a couple weeks ago with Mitch McVicker. One of the most talked about new young singer/songwriters, Andy played for about a half an hour, including his top ten single"Nothing To Say." Andy returns to Wichita again this summer for the LegacyFest 2000.
During their set, Andy gave a special Mother's Day shout out to wife Jamie, who has the unique job as a musician-mother on the road with two small children. Andy and youngest, Asher Jamie and Andy enjoy an obligatory River Festival funnelcake after their set. Light 99's Dan O'Neil (left) and Joe Elliot acknowledge some of the concert sponsors, and then introduce Tammy Trent.
Sparrow Records artist Tammy Trent was next and stormed the stage with her powerful voice and strong witness.
Tammy's connection with the crowd reflected her experience on the road, and years in the music ministry. Here she throughs some presents (CD and t-shirt) into the crowd.
She came from a very musical background, and as a small child always wanted to play the drums. Resisting attempts to convince her to play flute, she became a percussionist in school, and gave the RiverFest crowd a taste of her first love.
With her music spanning from pop to inspirational to dance, this young boy broke out into spontaneous break dancing.
Light 99 's newest member Dave Patric gets the crowd going before introducing Mark Schultz.
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