Tom Chapman

Old Dudes Reunion Jam
My last jam with Tom Chapman (R.I.P. Oct 15, 1955 - Sept 14, 2016)
Lake Shawnee Shelter House #3, Topeka KS
June 27, 2013
On June 27, 2013, several "old" musician buddies got together for a jam at Lake Shawnee Shelter House #3, Topeka KS My longtime friend, Tom Chapman, informed me he would be coming from Colorado to attend. We had not seen each other or jammed together in more than 30 years.
It was great to see him again and sing "old" songs. 20130627 220633 20130627 220842
Sadly, Tom passed away recently. This is our last picture together. Old Dudes Reunion Jam - cell phone video of the jam, including another old friend, Everett Keener (playing guitar, in the black shirt and hat), whom I had not seen for over 30 years.