WWNAZ Revival

Wanamaker Woods Church of the Nazarene
Closing Night of Revival Services
with Dr. Kip Laxson
Wednesday, April 22, 2015
pics by Patti Blackwood
edited and posted by Danl Blackwood

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Rev. Robert Brooks (center) leads the congregation in prayer and praise to open the closing night of the Revival services. Rev. Brook's wife, Lynn (center) was part of the praise team. The opening songs were "Glory To God Forever" and "Always."
My sister was not too shy to get close so she could get a better picture of the praise band, specifically a better picture of drummer Corey Wilson. I'm on bass (closest to camera), a very dear old friend Dave Fender on Hammond organ (in the far corner), Richie Betsworth on guitar (opposite the drums), and Youth Pastor Brad Thompson on acoustic guitar (out front). DSCF0101-2 Patti got a good close up of Dave for our family, whom we've known since the mid 60's. One of the first bands I ever played in was with Dave in 1969. Both Dave and I have had lives filled with bar band gigs, and that we both got to play praise music together for the first time this evening was a true testament to God's Power and Glory.
I want to thank my friend, Chris Livgren, for not only encouraging me to cover him on bass this evening, but for continuing to minister to me for the last 40+ years as a brother. Luv u, bro! Sharing his WWNAZ worship experience was a special blessing. As soloist, DeJuana Williamson leads the Rejoice Choir as they bring the special, "Oh How We Love You." During the offering, pianist Brenda Geisler presented a magnificent arrangement of the old hymn, "No One Ever Cared For Me Like Jesus." Martin Luther once said (paraphrasing Greg X. Volz style) "Feelings come and feelings go, but feelings are deceiving. I'll place my faith in the Word of the Lord, nothing else is worth believing" ... this came home to me as I felt the Lord's presence quickly move to conviction.
Dr. Kip Laxson of Asbury United Methodist Church in Birmingham was the special guest speaker. His theme for this evening's message was "Why are we here, and what is our purpose." The text for the message was Ephesians‬ 4. Rather than try to summarize his message in this limited space, I offer this. Click on the "i" in the upper right hand corner of this album's main page. There you will find audio links to Dr Laxson's six sermon series, "When the Saints Go Marching Out" on his home church web page, which I believe was the basis for tonight's message. I will share this easy to remember statistic. In his studies, Dr Laxson found that a large majority of people only engage the church three times in their lives... "when they're born.. when they get married.. and when they die."  or more succinctly, "Hatched, Matched, and Dispatched." ..I told you it was easy to remember! :-)  you know? just throw a little water on it, a little rice, and a little dirt... At the close of his message, he enlisted Richie Betsworth to demonstrate connecting with someone by offering a hand and transitioning beyond "Fellowship to Hospitality."
Here with Dave is my sister Patti Blackwood (right) who shot all the pics. And finally four old friends that collectively represent a total of almost 200 years of Topeka musical history; here together as musical servants for our Heavenly Father who is timeless. (l. to r.) Corey Wilson (drums), Richie Betsworth (guitar), Dave Fender (hammond organ), and yours truly, Danl Blackwood, substitute bassist for my best friend, Chris Livgren.